February 27, 2011

SDS Stands with Capitol Protestors Threatened with Arrest

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) stands in support of the protesters occupying the Capitol Building in Wisconsin today

In its 12th day of a continued people's presence, there are thousands who have braved snow and exhaustion to attempt to force legislators to shut down Governor Walker's Budget Repair Bill.
SDS has been a part of every single day of these protests, which have brought hundreds of thousands to Wisconsin's Capitol in Madison.  SDSers have come from around the country, as well as locally, with their own money to participate and support Wisconsin working families, from places like Waukesha and Milwaukee in Wisconsin, as well as North Carolina, Illinois, and Oklahoma.  SDS has stormed dormitories asking for student support, led student and youth marches, handed out thousands of informational fliers, organized national call-in days to legislators, and built protests in solidarity around the country.  SDSers organized a Walkout at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee of over 3,000 students, faculty and staff last Thursday, February 17th.  Today, even with the threat of arrest, SDSers from Wisconsin will be in the Capitol Building with workers, students, and educators who will continue to assert their right to express themselves in our society.
Maintaining a people's presence in the Capitol is a must!  President Obama lectures the world about democracy and yet citizens are threatened with being dragged out of their own Capitol Building for standing together and making a political statement.  Its time for him and others to take a real stand in support of working people.
This issue is no longer simply a local one, tied up in petty legislative arguments in one state.  It has become a precedent for attacks on working people across the entire country.  Protests of thousands of people across the United States have shown that.
Please consider donating what you can to help these people who are exercising their basic rights in our society.  Holding local actions, fund-raising, and calling in to Governor Walker and President Obama's offices are critical in keeping our voices heard.
The National Working Committee of Students for a Democratic Society
Call Obama:
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Governor Walker of Wisconsin:
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