February 25, 2011

Join the SDS Contingent in Madison, WI Saturday, Feb 26 @ 2pm!

Please join Students for a Democratic Society this Saturday, Feb. 26, 2:00pm outside Library Mall in Madison, WI. Library Mall is located at the end of State Street, near the UW Memorial Union.
We will be meeting to talk about the national student movement, how to get involved, and to introduce some of our student movement leaders who are coming in from Milwaukee, Waukesha, Chicago, Minneapolis, Oklahoma, and North Carolina.
We will then be marching together in an SDS contingent up to the Capitol to join what will likely be the largest march in Wisconsin's history.
Thus far, chapters of SDS have led protests and walkouts ranging in the thousands of students to do everything we can to stop this outrageous attack on the working class. We've been in Madison knocking on dormitory doors, passing out fliers, and participating in bold actions that have forced this bill to a halt!
Please pass this info on to people who may be interested.
For more information, please e-mail jaeckled@gmail.com or call (608)658-5480