July 27, 2010

SDS Arizona Freedom Summer Campaign Begins

Phoenix, AZ – Only a few days remain before the harshest anti-immigrant law in the U.S., SB1070, goes into effect in Arizona. This law mandates racial profiling, ramps up the persecution of whole communities of people, and promises to unleash a major crisis of human rights if it is enforced. Earlier this summer, SDS voted to support the efforts of grassroots organizations to oppose the implementation of this law in Arizona – and to struggle against attempts to bring copy-cat legislation to other states. That struggle begins in earnest this week, as SDS chapters around the country gear up for big actions in Phoenix and elsewhere. On Thursday, July 29, enforcement of SB1070 is scheduled to begin in Arizona. In response, groups around the country have called for a national day of action for legalization and human rights. SDS chapters from California, Minnesota, and Washington are moblizing for actions in Phoenix. In Milwaukee, SDS activists are helping organize actions against copycat legislation locally. This week's actions are just getting started. Stay tuned for updates about events organized by SDS activists across the country. If your chapter is participating in the day of action and you'd like to see it listed here, send an email to sds.freedom.summer@gmail.com La Lucha Sigue! No one is illegal!