October 20, 2009

SDS Announces New Internship Program

Students for a Democratic Society has just instituted aninternship program! Aside from the obvious awesome parts like getting to know some of the amazing people volunteering in national SDS, helping local chapters by providing resources and working on something you feel passionate about, internships are a great way to be active in sds and get school credit while you are at it. They are all unpaid (we have no paid staff), around 5-10 hours a week, and are mostly telecommute (meaning done mostly online and by phone). We have a wide variety of internships that will provide experience in organizing, journalism, website management and IT, grant-writing, training/teaching, researching, counseling, dealing with the media, all around leadership, etc. There are internships in every working group, and working group members will help decide who become their interns (working group members are also encouraged to become interns so they can get school credit for their work). You can see the full list of internships here. It is easy to apply. Just send an email with a little info about yourself. Be sure to include what your experience is, what internship(s) you are interested in, the semester/summer you are applying for, and where you would be based. If there is no local SDS chapter around you, don't worry, you DO NOT have to be in an SDS chapter to be an intern. We can work with you to get credit from your school. How to get credit varies from school to school, so look into it soon! For more info, go to the internship wiki page here. If you have any further questions/suggestions/ideas about the internship program let us know!