March 09, 2009

Action Alert: Oppose the Afghanistan “Surge”!

The SDS Anti-War Working Group is calling on students nation-wide to protest and demonstrate in opposition to President Obama's Feb. 17 approval to send an additional 17,000 troops into Afghanistan.
In this time of economic despair, we students will not sit idly by as our country deepens itself into a war that is taking place merely to rob the Afghan people of their resources and their sovereignty and to further line the pockets of the super-rich here in the United States. We stand with the Afghan people against this brutal war and occupation. We believe the money being used to fund this war is desperately needed here at home. Over the next two weeks, SDS chapters nation-wide will organize protests, sit-ins, walk-outs, discussions, and whatever else they can to denounce the latest surge in Afghanistan.
The SDS Anti-War Working Group exists to help coordinate national SDS anti-war activity, and has also called for nation-wide demonstrations against the war in Iraq for the week of March 16.
U.S. Out of Afghanistan Now!
Fund Education, Not Occupation!