February 24, 2009

NYU Faculty In Solidarity with Student Occupation

170 Members of NYU's faculty have released a statement and petitition in support of 18 students who have been suspended and, for some, kicked out of their campus housing as punishment for participation in last week's 46 hour occupation of NYU's Kimmel Center:
As NYU faculty, we call on the Administration to reinstate those students who have been summarily suspended for their recent protest at Kimmel, pending proper hearings by NYU's disciplinary board.
Students with campus group Take Back NYU! were demanding affordable education, power in their university, rights for campus workers, and support for students in Gaza. We're excited to see that professors are supporting students when they actually put their education to use, rather than paying social justice lip service and forgetting everything once the final paper is handed in.
Couldn't we all use more teachers like these? A big thank you to these faculty members and more power to the NYU 18! Read their full statement and petition after the jump. You can also sign a petition to support the NYU 18 yourself on the front page of Take Back NYU!