March 21, 2007

SDS Anti-War Actions Continue

from Thomas Good at NLN
New York, NY - March 21, 2007. The fourth anniversary of the war on Iraq was commemorated with several protests and related campaigns. The protests kicked off with the SDS Counter Recruitment action on March 12 (New York City). This protest was followed by a March on the Pentagon, a UFPJ March in New York, a civil disobedience on Wall Street and a student powered day of national action on March 20th. Organizers say that actions will continue - and a long, hot, summer of protest can be expected. In addition, SDS organizers from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), Michigan State (East Lansing) and Wayne State University (Detroit) are demanding their schools stop doing business with war profiteers. The divestment campaign is getting good press and things are heating up in the Midwest.
On March 17, despite a Nor’easter that dumped snow and ice on the east coast, a march on the Pentagon drew thousands of protesters. SDS fielded a contingent that included 3 UNC Chapters: Asheville; Chapel Hill, and; Charlotte. The contingent also included members of SDS New York, MDS New York, SDS Tuscaloosa (Alabama), SDS Athens (Ohio), SDS Columbus (Ohio), Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) SDS, SDS Tennesee, UCF SDS (about 30 members) and George Mason University SDS. SDSers joined Veterans for Peace, CodePINK and many others - braving a fierce wind and bitter cold.
Also on March 17 there was a protest in Hollywood in which members of UCLA SDS took part.
On March 18, New Yorkers turned out to march past Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer’s offices - in a UFPJ sponsored protest targeting the abysmal voting record and positions of these War Democrats. SDS New York marched with the War Resisters League and CodePINK.
On March 19, a civil disobedience on Wall Street rebuked those companies that “trade in blood”. Several members of SDS New York took part in this action.
Also on Monday, an SDSer from Brown University was arrested for taking part in an SDS sponsored die-in at Textron Corp, an infamous war profiteer. View Photos from the Brown SDS action.
On March 20th, student protests erupted around the country - in response to an SDS call for walkouts. Over 80 schools answered the call.
M20 protests rolled across the South - where new SDS has some very vibrant chapters.
SDS anti-war actions continue to confront imperialism - all across the country.