October 06, 2006

SDS Actions Around The US - October 2006

SDS New York marched on Oct 5 (Photo: Thomas Good)
New York, NY -The Granny Peace Brigade, Veterans for Peace, SDS New York, The Green Party, and many others including Wobblies (IWW) and War Resisters (WRL) marched from Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, near the United Nations, to Union Square. NLN was there. View Photos

UMW SDS protests (Photo: Robert A. Martin, Free Lance-Star)
Fredericksburg, VA - The group of University of Mary Washington students had taped sheets of paper to the side of the fountain outside Monroe Hall. The names of 300 American soldiers--just over 10 percent of U.S. military casualties of the war in Iraq--fluttered in the autumn wind. A ring of death. It was one of many statements made by members of Students for a Democratic Society and the Anarchist Social Theory Club--two UMW organization that hosted an anti-war protest yesterday afternoon as part of a nationwide day of protest organized by anti-war group The World Can't Wait. (Story: Free Lance-Star) Read More

UCF SDS march on Oct 5 (Photo: UCF SDS)
Orlando, FL - A really spirited UCF SDS action went very well. Activists painted their hands red, graphically symbolizing the relationship of the University (of Central Florida) to the war machine. The lively march headed off with lots of enthusiastic chants, bursting through the "talk-in" breezeway, winding around the front of the library and the reflecting pond and stopping at the Administration Building. Official SDS estimates indicate 52 activists were involved, a significant increase in turnout since the march to the recruiter's office last spring. Students went up to President Hitt's office in two and threes to deliver SDS' letter demanding the university sever ties to the military-corporate complex. After the action, participants washed the red paint off their hands in the university's reflecting pool. View Photos

TUSCALOOSA, AL- On Thursday, October 5, close to 50 student and community activists and dozens of onlookers rallied at Ferguson Plaza to protest the Iraq War.
Protesters draped an SDS banner from the second-story balcony of the Student Union Center, and, after a series of speakers denouncing the Bush administration and demanding an immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq, about twenty-five marched, chanting, across campus to the Denny Chimes and lined up alongside University Drive with banners and signs. With Bush masks, cameo, and whips, several SDSers acted out scenes reminiscent of Abu Ghraib Prison. As they marched back to the Plaza, the protestors' chanting grew in volume, becoming loud enough to hear across campus. The local Fox news station was there to cover the demonstration.
It is safe to say this is this the first, visible protest this Southern campus has seen in decades. While the size of the demonstration may seem small in comparison to the numbers other student groups draw to their events, it caused quite a disturbance here, and SDSers where astounded by the energy of the protestors, many of whom were newcomers.
The counter-rally consisted of a handful of students with signs reading "Liberals Suck."