March 02, 2015

SDS Statement in Solidarity with Anti-Right to Work Protests in Wisconsin

Students for a Democratic Society stands with the Progressive Students of Milwaukee in solidarity with the working people of Wisconsin against union-busting "right to work" legislation proposed by the state senate and supported by Governor Scott Walker.
Gov. Walker has consistently worked to dismantle public institutions, like the UW system, and to combat the power of the working class by attacking unions. Four years ago, Gov. Walker pushed through state tax cuts for the wealthy, which created a debt crisis for Wisconsin, while simultaneously proposing to solve the crisis by attacking public sector unions. An attack on the public sector which continues to this day with Gov. Walker’s proposed $300 million cuts to the University of Wisconsin system, a 13 percent cut to the higher education budget. In 2011, tens of thousands of working class people in Wisconsin stood up, occupied the Capitol building, and demanded a recall election to replace Gov. Walker. And he is at it again.

February 21, 2015

SDS Demands Justice for Muslim Youth Murdered in Chapel Hill

Students for a Democratic Society demands justice for Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, Razan Abu Salha and Deah Shabby Barakat who were murdered in Chapel Hill, NC by Craig Stephen Hicks.

Hicks murdered Deah Shabby Barakat, 23, his wife Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, 21, and her sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19, in an execution style murder during a home invasion on February 10. Reports indicate at least 8 shots were fired and injuries to Barakat indicate he had been brutally beaten. All three victims were shot in the head.

Progressive Students of Milwaukee Hold Second Protest Against Budget Cuts

On February 11th, Progressive Students of Milwaukee held a second protest against proposed budget cuts to the University of Wisconsin system. Over 100 students and faculty members gathered at Spaights Plaza. After a series of fiery speeches from students and campus labor leaders, students marched through the Lubar School of Business, and into the Student Union, where a student involvement fair was taking place. The rally picked up several students from the fair, and returned to Spaights Plaza.

February 16, 2015

SDS Condemns Political Repression of MOA Protestors. Hands Off Activists! Black Lives Matter! Charge Us Too!

Students for a Democratic Society condemns the repression of activists related to the protest of thousands of people at the Mall of America on December 20, 2014 organized by #Black Lives Matters. The actions of the city of Bloomington, their police department, and city prosecutor Sandra Johnson have been excessive and irresponsible. The intimidation, surveillance and militarized police presence exercised against protesters exercising their rights highlights the repression of the civil rights and the flagrant priorities of private property over the rights of citizens.

SDS Stands in Solidarity with Whose Diversity? Hands Off Students! Drop All Charges!

Students for a Democratic Society stands in solidarity with Whose Diversity? and the activists arrested in the righteous act of civil disobedience in University of Minnesota President, Eric Kaler’s office on Monday. We call upon the University to immediately drop all charges against the activists!

February 11, 2015

13 University of Minnesota Students Arrested in Sit-In

On February 9th, University of Minnesota students affiliated with the student organization Whose Diversity?, an organization dedicated to fighting institutional oppression, were arrested after executing a sit-in in UMN president Eric Kaler's office. The students, a small delegation of 16, were part of a larger protest of over 50 students who marched on Morrill Hall, the administration building at UMN - Twin Cities, demanding that UMN be held accountable on their declarations of diversity in the face of department cuts and discriminatory policies.

February 08, 2015

Progressive Students of Milwaukee Protest University of Wisconsin Budget Cuts

On February 4th, over 200 students, faculty, and workers at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee marched in response to proposed budget cuts to the University of Wisconsin system. Proposed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the cuts would total over $300 million and would cause the closure of departments, reduce the number of courses available, and force layoffs for workers in the system. The cuts would also put the UW system under control of a governor elected board of regents, rather than the state legislature.